Teen Nudism in Colorado?


Hi! I am a teen closet nudist in Denver, CO. As you may know, Denver isn’t really a nudist friendly place to live. However, I know about some places in Colorado like Mountain Air Ranch and some clothing optional hot springs. What I wanted to know is what Mountain Air Ranch is like for a 15 year old like me? I.E; Are there many 14-15-16 year olds there? Are they open to teens who are new to public nudism (As a teen, I do struggle with erections and body image)? Would I need to have a legal guardian on site and would they have to be nude as well? All I have is my mother and she isn’t a public nudity type of person. She may be open to it but thats the main problem. What all should I do? And is there any other place a 15 year old can practice nudism outside of my house? Thanks!


How to tell my teenage daughters I am a nudist?


I am Mexican and I grew up in a very prude home. Now, my husband and I would like to practice nudism more often, we are nude at home only whenever nobody else is around. We would like to become more open with our daughters but I am afraid of their reaction. When they were younger we used to be naked in front of them when taking a shower or when getting ready to leave home, but as they became teenagers they stopped showing themselves nude and we did the same. I really want them to understand that there is nothing wrong about nudity and I want them to grow confident and accepting their bodies. Any suggestions or experiences at home?


how do i tell my mom and dad that i am a nudist


I need to tell my folks soon that I am a nudist and dont know how to go about it. can you help me please?


Do nudist teens and children usually keep the lifestyle a secret from others in school?


As a teen naturist about to start school again next year, should I keep my lifestyle hidden? I’ve already had to hide it from a parent because my mother is prudish and wouldn’t agree. I wouldn’t know how to go about this because I became a naturist this year.


Is there a social network for nudists teenagers?


I hope this does not come off as creepy… I was wondering if there is a site for teenagers who are naturists… I would assume the answer is no but if naturism is not bad then why not create something for them and them alone?