Etiquette about wearing sunglasses


Is there etiquette about wearing sunglasses to a nudist resort or nude beach?


Home Clothes Free + Maintenance


This is just an opinion or anecdote search. For those who practice being clothes free at home either part time or completely, what have you done when maintenance personnel needs to come in?


Couple vs. Single Visiting nudist Resorts


I have noticed that many resorts have a price for a single guest and a price for a couple. Some will even not allow single males into the resort or will charge a single male a rediculous amount to discourage to many males from being in the club. Some places the price for one person is the same for a couple so $30 for a single person or $30 total for two people coming in as a couple. So if I go with a friend of the opposite sex and say we are not a couple they will charge us $60 vs. if we say we are a couple they will charge us $30. As you can see the price can definately start to add up after awhile being a single vs. a couple. What is your opinion about saying your with someone even if you are not in a relationship to get the lower rate?

From what I have observed so far it is okay to say you are a couple so you get the discounted rate. It seems to me like resorts are more concerned with keeping the population balanced as much as possible of males and females regarless if they are bringing their spouse or not.


When a nudist is in an outdoor area with other nudists, and has to ”go to the bathroom’


When a nudist is in an outdoor area with other nudists, and has to ”go to the bathroom” , will he/she excuse themselves from the group to find a bush or tree or something away from everyone to do their business, or will they just pee right there in front of everyone? In a story about a lady’s first time at a nude beach that I read, she said there was man who was playing volleyball, and was just standing there peeing into the sand while he waited for the ball to be served. Do people really do this?


some one told me thats its offensive to undress in public at a c/o resort dose it matter wear you undress??


dose it matter wear you undress at the car,bath room,pool,room and is it offensive?


Really quite a blunt question, I’ve read a lot but would love women’s opinions…


…clearly intentional or not a male’s genitalia sometimes has a mind of its own. I know in my own case while not aroused, I may appear more full shall we say then at other times. What is considered wrong, inappropriate? I think the same can be said for the physiological state of women’s or men’s nipples. Thanks! Sorry!

While certainly a blunt question, I think its a worthwhile topic to lay out there for all to comment. Particularly our female friends. Thanks!

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