Body Image


Everyone always asks about erections but my question is about normal non-erect penis size. Namely, I have a small penis. Is that a problem? How will others react?


body image and adult body acne when visiting a nudist resort


I will be spending all weekend at a popular nudist resort in the area. I’ve been looking forward to this trip for weeks. Unfortunately in the past few days I’ve had a sudden flare-up of adult body acne. I haven’t broken out in years but all of a sudden there are pink spots randomly scattered all over my chest and back. This isn’t cystic acne or anything though. They’re just slightly raised small pink spots.

Normally I am very comfortable being nude around others. I have no shame in my body. But this is making me worried that people will judge me for it. Do you think I should maybe sit this one out or will people likely not even think twice about it?


Which is more prevalent… nudist men who shave their body hair or men who don’t?


Later this summer my wife and will have our first nudist experience. Naturally I’ve been checking things out on the web and I’ve noticed that a lot of men remove or trim their body hair to varing degrees. I do not intend to but I’m a little self-conscious about the whole body hair question. Is removing body hair currently the norm?


Nudist but… with an erection?


I want to be a nudist, I know first need to be fully okay with how I look… but this question is… what if someone gets an erection? I don’t want people thinking the wrong thing when or if I ever have an erection around other nudist, I’m sure this can be a common thing at first, right? its normal getting turned on I know.. but being a guy its hard to hide it… I just want to hang out with others without having to worry, so… if anyone understand what I meant to ask… please help me out


Is it socially accepted for a man to shave all his pubic hair down there?


I was wondering if it was acceptable for a man or woman to completely shave their pubic hair, down there. if i was to go to a Club / Organization, would it be a problem?


As nudists or naturists, are we REALLY unconcerned about body size?


I am a nudist, yet I weigh WAY over my ideal body weight. From many sites I have been to, I am told that I shouldn’t be worried as most nudists/naturists are very acceptive of everyone.

I want to believe this. However, that is usually covered by someone only marginally overweight. But what about people who are morbidly obese? Even the textiles don’t want to look at us. They snicker and laugh behind our backs.

Explain to me, please, how this is different in the nudist world.