Where to swim naked


Hello, I am wanting to swim naked. As a young nudist interested in nudism more than ever lately, I also want to swim naked. I have never done it, at least not for longer than about a few minutes. I am not sure where to go for this. I don’t know if I will swim naked this coming summer. I am in Fresno, California. Even though I live near a river, the thing is that there is no nude swimming there. I also don’t know of any swimming pools near my home known for swimming nude. I would prefer to swim naked in company. I want to swim naked several times in my life. I’m not sure when I will start going to a nudist resort or club for swimming nude there, hopefully within the next three years. But I can begin swimming nude when I get the chance. There are no nudist water parks that I know of nearby where I am at. I am able to drive – I’m 23, but I’m not sure if I will do that soon to visit a place to swim naked in, as I also have heard of the Sierra Nevada mountains about three to four hours away from me in terms of driving of at least some designated places to swim naked in. Any suggestions on where to swim naked?


meet nudists in my area


I want to meet other nudists in my area. I live in central California in the city of Fresno. I want to meet other nudists. I’m young – 23 years old- and am male. I’m more interested in nudism now than ever and want to meet other nudists and make friends with them. I’m not sure about finding a nudist girlfriend too. How can I meet other nudists where I live at? I don’t know if I’ll go to the nudist meetup group close to my home soon, but I would love to meet nudists. Where can I meet them at, and how?


Etiquette about wearing sunglasses


Is there etiquette about wearing sunglasses to a nudist resort or nude beach?


What embarassed a nudist/naturist?


I’ve read articles and seen video of non-nude people documenting their first times at nudist resorts or nude beaches. Usually, the subject of the piece is uncomfortable at first but eventually eases into it. The people they encounter are understanding, patient and supportive.

While scenarios such as these may be embarassing for the newbie, the already practicing nudists always come off as being unfazed. Willingly and happily naked near a person who is not used to seeing or being seen.

So, with this in mind, what would it take to embarass a nudist/naturist?

Their face/name being used in a study/documentary about nudism? Their image ending up on a dirty website withoit their consent? People they didn’t want to know now knowing? Rumors or whispers aboit them around town or at work?



Do first timers go to resorts?


There is a nude beach in my area but I’d have to do some digging online to find if there’s a nearby resort.

Some non-nude people I know have tried the beach but a resort seems like a much bigger commitment, a much bigger plunge.

Do many first timers and newbies try a full resort first? Or are they more for the already initiated?


What About piercings?


Are piercings frowned upon at clothing-optional or nudist resorts?


Nudist household


Hello, I have been thinking now of having a nudist household. I’m 23 years old, and a single male. I’m going to post about being nude at home now and how to have that change later, so anyone here may answer questions on both now and later in home nudism. Here I go.
OK, so I still live with my parents. It’s because I have yet to find a home on my own and get my own job. I keep being nude for when sleeping when I have no guests for now and when no one at my home is around. Does that make me a nudist?
I am confining being nude to when no one is around for now because one morning last April my mom came into my room and I was still naked covered in a sheet underneath and noticed I was naked. She told me why I undress for sleeping and to sleep in underwear. So now I will just at least have underwear on in the morning if my parents or brother need me in the morning and come to my room so I don’t get caught being naked.
I’m glad to read of others’ stories of new to nudism yet their parents are also very conservative and close-minded on nudism and with concerns similar to mine.
However, when I move on my own I plan on being naked as much as possible. I know nudism usually starts at home and is great to begin at home.
I want to make a nudist household at home when I am on my own. Should I make/buy a sign that my household is a nudist one so people can know, as for guests who come visit me?
I live in central California in a city called Fresno, a semi-desert place suitable for being naked for some six to eight months of the year. There is a nudist meetup group near my residential place. I can drive, but I don’t know if I will go to that meetup group soon. If I go now I will most likely if not surely have to let my parents know but am not sure how to explain it to them without hesitance. I can go now without involving my parents. But then again, I should probably wait until I move out of my parents’ house and then afterwards once I frequent the meetup group often tell them about it. I wonder what’s the best option here on this nudist meetup group, any suggestions?
I plan on finding a girlfriend and hopefully introduce her to nudism if she is not a nudist when dating her. I will then ask any questions about partners and nudism once I date the girlfriend.
So, while living with my parents still, and have to confine being nude to when alone, should I just wait until I move out on my own to attend nudist venues and events?
Once I am out on my own, when someone rings the doorbell or knocks on my door, I can answer the door clothed at first and shortly thereafter undress if they don’t mind, or answer the door nude if anyone is fine with that. Should I then also let the people know that I am a nudist and am usually or just about always naked at home so they know?
I don’t want to have to dress just because I have guests at my home. Well, if any friend or family member, or could be a neighbor unless I live in the countryside when on my own and homes are further away, is fine with me being nude when visiting me, I will be naked when those visitors are visiting me, or else have to be dressed until they leave, especially for non-nudist guests. The same applies when visiting friends or family. Hopefully that is correct of me when at my own home and having guests/visiting friends and family.
When I get my own place, can I then meet other nudists and make friends with them, at a nudist setting?
I’m considering raising children as nudists. I hope me, my wife and our children are naked together when possible at home and nudist places and events.
What happens if I have any guests arriving at my home when I am on my own and with wife/children and the guests arrive at my home by surprise or emergency?
If I can no longer keep nudism secret from my parents within the next 14 months, I have decided to tell them about my interest in nudism within the time I can no longer keep it secret. If that is not the case, though, I may not tell them of me being a nudist until it’s a more permanent part of my life. I’ve read other nudists who were raised in textile households and are adults with conservative parents on nudism and told their parents in a good manner. Maybe I should be like that to my parents when I can no longer keep it secret from them. I don’t plan on keeping nudism forever from anyone I know at least, and this includes my parents. So, when I am on my own home, and let’s say I am talking to my parents on the phone. They want to visit me. Should I just let them know that it’s my house my rules and therefore I am naked as much as I want and can in it, and see if they’re fine or not with the idea? If they are not okay with that they can simply not come over. And for visiting my parents, I’m not sure about how to handle the situation of me as a nudist and raising a nudist family.
I am not wanting to stop being a nudist in my entire life.
When I am out on my own, can I participate then in nude recreation?
In my own home, any guests are also welcome to be nude when visiting me.
Please don’t delete this post on concerns/questions on nudism like they did on Reddit, thank you. This is my first post of questions I’m posting on this ask a nudist site, I’ll post more later. Please give me appropriate responses to these questions/concerns on a nudist household. Thanks.

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